Demo and poster at the ESWC

We presented a demo and a poster at the 10th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC) in Montpellier, France (May 26 - 30, 2013). The conference took place in Corum, a building that houses a large conference centre and an opera house in the centre of the city. The poster and demo session was scheduled on the evening of the first day of the main conference program on Tuesday, May 28th. There were 20 posters and 24 demos in total accepted to the program, all presented in the large foyer area of Corum, which made for a rather vibrant atmosphere.

The Audio Feature Vocabulary

The Audio Feature Vocabulary defines terms for the tool and task specific ontologies and implements the model layer of the ontology framework. It is a clean version of the catalogue which only lists the features without any of their properties with many duplications of terms consolidated. This enables the definition of tool and task specific feature implementations and leaves any categorisation or taxonomic organisation to be specified in the implementation layer.


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