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ISMIR2012 papers related to the project

Quite a few papers related to the SOVARR project were presented at ISMIR 2012. Here are the ones that I found particularly interesting:

Towards a (Better) Definition of the Description of Annotated MIR Corpora. In this paper, Geoffroy Peeters and Karën Fort define a methodology for describing annotated corpora for MIR (e.g. evaluation data sets).

A possible hybrid approach for data representation

Last week we held the first meeting of a new project related to SOVARR called Semantic Media, exploring how industry and universities can work together and addresses the challenge of time-based navigation in large collections of media. During the meeting I had a chance to talk to Edoardo Pignotti, who previously looked at how to create shared vocabularies for social sciences in an e-Science context, and support users to describe research artefacts and activities in a structured way.

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