ISMIR2012 papers related to the project

Quite a few papers related to the SOVARR project were presented at ISMIR 2012. Here are the ones that I found particularly interesting:

Towards a (Better) Definition of the Description of Annotated MIR Corpora. In this paper, Geoffroy Peeters and Karën Fort define a methodology for describing annotated corpora for MIR (e.g. evaluation data sets).

A possible hybrid approach for data representation

Last week we held the first meeting of a new project related to SOVARR called Semantic Media, exploring how industry and universities can work together and addresses the challenge of time-based navigation in large collections of media. During the meeting I had a chance to talk to Edoardo Pignotti, who previously looked at how to create shared vocabularies for social sciences in an e-Science context, and support users to describe research artefacts and activities in a structured way.

Shared Open Vocabulary for Audio Research and Retrieval

The goal of the Shared Open Vocabulary for Audio Research and Retrieval (SOVARR) project is to investigate if and how audio research communities would benefit from using interoperable file formats, data structures, vocabularies or ontologies, what are the primary needs of MIR researchers, and what are the main barriers to the uptake of shared vocabularies. The project aims to investigate user needs, rework a previously created Semantic Web ontology reflecting these needs, and increase its visibility focussing on the music informatics field.

Invitation to participate

There has been tremendous work in the MIR community to create easy to use feature extractor tools (e.g. Marsyas, jMIR, MIR toolbox, Vamp plugins to name a few), it remains difficult however to know whether a feature computed by one tool is the same as (or compatible/replaceable with) a feature computed by another tool. Moreover, if different tools were used in the same experiment, their outputs typically need conversion to some sort of common format, and for reproducibility, this glue code needs to evolve with the changes of the tools themselves.

SOVARR project launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Shared Open Vocabulary for Audio Research and Retrieval (SOVARR) project as of October 1, 2012. We are hoping to engage the audio research community in our investigation and will publish regular updates and news related to the project on this website. A detailed description of the project can be found in the about section.


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