ISMIR2012 papers related to the project

Quite a few papers related to the SOVARR project were presented at ISMIR 2012. Here are the ones that I found particularly interesting:

Towards a (Better) Definition of the Description of Annotated MIR Corpora. In this paper, Geoffroy Peeters and Karën Fort define a methodology for describing annotated corpora for MIR (e.g. evaluation data sets).

Towards Time-resilient MIR Processes by Rudolf Mayer and Andreas Rauber. This paper describes an ontological model for MIR workflows.

Semiotic Structure Labeling of Music Pieces: Concepts, Methods and Annotation Conventions Frédéric Bimbot, Emmanuel Deruty, Gabriel Sargent, Emmanuel Vincent. This paper focuses on methodological questions related to the annotation of similarities and internal relationships within music pieces, corresponding to musical structure.

Reuse, Remix, Repeat: the Workflows of MIR by Kevin Page, Ben Fields, David De Roure, Tim Crawford and J. Stephen Downie, addressing the issues of research reproducibility using MIR workflows.

If you are at ISMIR2012 in Porto, I would like to invite you (and in fact everyone interested in these and related issues) to our late-breaking session, currently scheduled for 5:30PM. See the late-breaking program here.